Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm back

I've been busy the last several days getting a display of my photography ready for a program at our church. I promised myself that I would listen to my body and rest when I needed to and not worry if everything didn't get done. I pretty well kept that promise and since I usually write my posts at night that was what didn't get done. I am proud of myself for keeping that promise and I recuperated from the extra effort quickly.
The program at the church was to give many homemade quilts to the Linius Project. This is a project where children who experience traumatic events receive a quilt to snuggle with to help them through the crisis. Policeman carry them with them in their squad cars, hospitals have them on hand so they can be given out in time of need.
At the same time we celebrated the many talents of the ladies of our church. We displayed our talents and gave a little speech on how we got started and what our talents and developing them meant to us.
It was a truly wonderful inspiring evening. I've got a couple of pictures edited and ready to go except for permission of the person in the photo to post it on the Internet. I'll put up what I can and put up more later.

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