Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Welcome Home

I'm feeling much better now.  However I am trying to catch up on what was left undone while I was not up to doing much.  This seems to be a constant theme of my life.  I am on an upward spiral this time not a downward one, so I am recuperating faster and getting more done when I do feel better.  Hooray! Hooray!  Right now I am also researching how to do more to improve my health.  The better I feel the more I can do to make myself feel even better so now I am deciding on my next step.  Since my herbal teas seem to be helping so much I am researching herbs and what they help with.  I am trying to find a good reference book on how to use and maybe grow the herbs.  I've been checking books out of the library in hopes of finding one without spending a lot of money on books that may not fit my needs.  If anyone knows of a good book or a good blog on herbs and natural healing I would appreciate it if you would leave a comment or e-mail me (see Hi this is me page above)
Since I was feeling better I edited some of the front door gardens and mailboxes that welcome home the people in my neighborhood.  I love my front door garden and the colorful, cheerful greetings they give to me and have started to notice those around me and take photos of them.  These pictures were taken just a few days ago as I walked around my neighborhood.

                            ENJOY ☺☺☺ Johnina☺☺☺


Janet said...

I can't help you with any book recommendations, but I can tell you that these photos are beautiful! Any of those welcoming gardens would make me happy.

Carmi said...

I'm so glad you're on the mend, Johnina. I'm also glad to see your creative view of the world around you is as keen as ever. These are so, so beautifully captured!