Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Storms- Thunder and lightning


Here in Georgia we frequently have evening summer storms complete with heavy rain, thunder and lightning.  Lately these typical summer storms have been happening every day or two and the last one took down this limb.  It wasn't until this morning when I went out to take pictures of the downed limb that I realized why the limb had broken off this healthy tree.
It was kind of obvious once I looked up the reason why; as you can see the tree was hit by lightning.  Wow was I impressed as this was just a typical summer storm.  Even though we heard the thunder and knew the lightning was close we had no idea how close.  This tree is the closest one to our house.
I took this picture from my kitchen window so you could get an idea of exactly how close the tree was to the house.  I would say that we were real lucky with this one.  We have had lightning strike the house and take out our phone wiring. It completely wiped out my surge protector and my computer; so now my computer gets unplugged and I stay off my land lines.  Please do not take for granted that a surge protector will always protect your computer from lightning; as I learned it can wipe out your surge protector making it useless.  Of course in part I did get an updated computer out of it eventually, which has been nice.
We were real lucky this time and our lawn and garden are thriving from all the rain so all these summer storms are not all bad and we have great sunshine during the day.
Enjoy the summer

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