Friday, July 15, 2011

Food Friday- New Addiction

New non food addiction- art edits

New food addiction
 First I'll address my new photo- let's have fun- addiction.  Believe it or not both of these photos started out with the same shot.  It has been so hot outside that I have spent more time inside on my computer.  While alot of this extra time has been in reinstalling and organizing the data I put back on my computer after having to reinstall Windows, but I have also taken some time to play.  I have been playing with different aspects of the editing program and learning how to fine tune some of the different aspects of the program.  I've been working with this because I don't have to download the program it stays on the Internet and therefore it does not take up memory on my computer; a big plus for a photo editing program.  Add the biggest plus is it's free and does some really cool edits.  They do have a premium program with more features for a small yearly fee, I just never felt the need to use the features on the premium plan.  But fun it is and there are so many variations that I could use it for a long time and still be having fun.  In fact I have to restrain myself from saving to many of the variations.  Fun, fun.
Now on to the new food addicton, since I have given up sodas, I have started to drink lots of herbal teas sweetened by Stevia in the Raw (check out the ingredients some stevia products have additives).  I drink a great variety especially those from Celestial Seasonings.  When I open the packages I put them in ziploc bags to save the flavor and also because they take up less room.  I have a good size container filled with these bags.

My collection of teas
 As you can see I really do have lots, most of them I drink for the flavor but I have also been researching medicinal teas and there are some that I drink for that reason.  I believe that they are slowly but surely helping.
Since so much of my life right now is taken up on developing new eating habits and having fun doing it I have decided to do a post on Fridays on my food lifestyle changes and the things that make this change easier and/or more fun.  That's the reason for for this photo as it shows some of the things I have found to be useful.  First is a wide variety of flavors so I don't get bored. Second is the teabag strainer cuz it keeps my fingers from getting burned when I squeeze out the tea bags after they steep. Third is the mesh tea ball as alot of medicinal teas come loose, not in bags. Fourth I had to make sure the containers I use to steep my tea have a big enough mouth so that the ball will fit in it I use Rubbermaid servin' saver bottle.  Its nice to use 'cause of the lid which keeps the flavor in while it steeps and I can use it to drink from when it's done with very little spilling.  Nice when your hands shake.  They also hold a two cups of water and since I like my tea a little stronger I can put 3 bags in the 2 cups instead of 1 bag per cup and then it can be heated in the microwave.
Fifth I also use insulated sports bottles for iced herbal teas, the ones shown holds the containers worth of tea plus the ice from one of the ice cube trays shown. Sixth is the flexible ice cube trays as they flex to get the ice cubes out easier and the cubes fit through the small necks of soda bottles and sports bottles.  And of course you have to have your favorite mug, mine is 'Winnie the Pooh' from the Disney Store.  I try to make everything as fun as possible.
Try some I think you'll like it.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Flavoured teas are great! There's a new Winnie the Pooh movie coming out shortly, I hear.