Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Until I took my little stroll around the neighborhood I did nor realize that these evergreen trees had flowers.  A new insight from taking the time to really look around me.  When I am looking for fun things to photograph I tend to look a little closer, look from different angles and different distances therefore I get new insights on the world around me.  If you look at yesterdays pictures you will see more of the tree. Then I just had fun with the close-up and wanted to give you some insight into how I came up with my art edit.
First I adjusted the color to make them brighter as I was shooting in the full sun the colors were a little washed out.

I then made the photo that  zooms out making the colors radiate out.  Next I wanted to add some texture to the photo to add more interest so I added the glasstile effect.  I looked at it for a while and decided that there were too many big blocks with basically the same color so I went to another program and
I layered with a solar system background, but I decided that the photo was now too static so I zoomed it one more time leaving the center as the sky to ground the picture.  I recropped it so that the blocks would be more even; added a couple of sets of borders and like any artist I added my name (signature). Then I hit Save.   I wish I had saved more of the steps to give you more insight but I wasn't thinking about this post when I was editing.  Sigh


Julie Hibbard said...

Amazing and absolutely stunning photography!! Thank you for sharing your heart for beauty with the world!


oh, wow! what an incredible journey your original shot has made! just stunning - thanks so much for sharing your thought process and artistic processes on this! beautiful!

Janet said...

It's amazing to think that photo of the flowering evergreen could become the final picture. I'm such a dummy when it comes to Photoshop.