Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shoot for the Moon

I've had a couple of busy then bad days. I was feeling better and think i kind of overdid, I still have a problem with learning to pace myself, but when I feel good I want to accomplish all those things that I haven't gotten around to due to my health so I overdo. Friday was a particularly good day and I got a lot accomplished, dog to the vet, physical therapy, shopping, photo taking more than usual but didn't take extra steroids to compensate for the extra stress. Mistake, mistake. When that happens I tend to sleep all the next day, which is pretty much happened.
On top of that Jeremy came home from scout camp where he was one of the leaders, while this was real nice, he also brought home a bug of some kind and we were both sick today. So sleep is what I accomplished today.
I did wake up long enough to eat and then was awake enough to watch the movie 'Secretariat'. A movie that really moved me.  Here was an ordinary women with a dream to help her family and through all her trials including thinking that instead of helping her family she was losing them due to her absence, but in the end she teaches them so much more.  She taught them about following your own  dreams, perseverance and other great character traits.  Sometimes I feel so bad about my health problems and how they have taken me away from my family, both in down time and the time I have to spend to take care of myself, but my family has learned many character traits from my trails that they would not have learned otherwise.
I've seen this movie once before but this time it struck me that she would not have made her dreams come true if it wasn't for the support system of friends and co-workers who turned into friends with which she picked and surrounded herself with.  I too have had and still have a support system for which I am extremely thankful for.  Without them I would not have been as successful as I have been.  This time the movie moved me to tears at her and her support system and their triumph.  Even though I was a junior and senior in high school (which really dates me) I was still right there with them at the triumphs and disappointments along the way even though I knew how it all turned out, because this time I understood the feelings that was happening in the film.  What a difference it made.
Anyway it reminded me of the moon picture and the quote as she shot for the moon and made it then went even further to reach the stars.  Not just in the triumph of her horse but the triumph of her spirit and the difference she made in so many people's lives.
☺☺☺Johnina ☺☺☺ 

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

"Secretariat" is one of the movies on my "to see" list. It sounds excellent from your description! Take it easy and have a good week!