Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Is the treatment ...

Every three weeks I go in for my IVIG and I think of the saying "Is the cure worst than the disease ?".  I know for sure that this treatment is so much better than being in the hospital every 2 weeks for 2 weeks which is what was happening before the doctors discovered that my body was not making immunoglubulin like it was supposed to.  So every three weeks I go in get hooked up to an IV for several hours.  I took my computer with me this time and edited some of pictures that I took the day before; after I had an MRI on my knee.  I had no idea how the edit was going to turn out on the picture above when I was doing it, but I was totally delighted with the outcome.
This is the photo I started with.
I turned it on it's side slightly.  Did a mirror image.  Turned it to B&W.  Cropped it.  And finally using an effect called reflections I got the art work at the top of this blog.  (using Corel's Paint Shop Pro X3)  If you look closely you can see the image of the tree branch at the top and the lantern throughout.  This really helped pass the time in a really most pleasant way.  I also did some other more conventional editing of the flowers outside the Imaging clinic where I had my MRI done and some flowers I saw on the roadside.
However the worst part of the IVIG comes later in the day and usually I like to run errand over in Fayetteville or take a photo op and for the most part I am able to do that with no problems.  Today was an exception; I was starving because it took longer than usual as my regular nurse was on vacation, so I stopped and ate.  Diabetics can't wait too long before they eat, and ever since I've been trying to toss it back up.  Not a good thing.  I went to one store to window shop (no money) and had to leave because I was getting so sick.
Came home took something to settle my stomach and laid down and serendipity-wise it was a good thing cuz it stormed, thunder and lightning right over the house, then the lights went out.  I was certainly glad not to be out in it.  I went to sleep and woke up with the typical IVIG all over "Oh, boy does every muscle ache, and gee my head hurts even worse." on top of trying to toss my lunch.  Now you know why I think of "Is the cure..."
Thankfully it only lasts a day or two and I do have a good diversion to help distract me.  This time I have lots of new photos to edit so my days can be as pleasant as possible.  I am so grateful for being lead to this great hobby of photography for the distraction, but mostly for being able to capture and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me.

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Snaggle Tooth said...

Yes, I have trouble loading your comments page, it takes a very long time, but I do have a slow connection n old puter here.

I keep getting an error message,
"Out of memory at line 56"
I'd contact blogger help about that-

I like your pic effects! I have a similar effect called kaliedoscope.

Good thing you can bring Puter to your hook-up treatments-
btw, my big Sis has MS n Fibromyalgia also.

My version of software was called Paint Shop Pro 7.0, but put out by Jasc at the time (2002)