Monday, June 7, 2010

The clouds are the stars #3

What a long hard tiring day.  Spent most of it in doctors offices, first the orthopedist, then the pain doctor and most of the rest of the time talking to doctors offices making appointments.  I really don't like days like this that just serve to remind me of my illnesses.  This one was worst then normal, after I fell the orthopedist waited several weeks before doing a MRI so that just in case the injuries were relatively minor we wouldn't be doing an unnecessary test (good doctor) and maybe they would heal on their  own.  No such luck I had the MRI last week and took it to him to look at today.  He came in and said yes I did tear the cartilage in my knee, however the arthritis in my knee looked worse than he expected. He took x-rays of my knee with me standing up and when he brought them into the room and put them up on the light box he inhaled deeply and said "Oh, my...(sigh)".  I knew I was in trouble than.  He said the only thing to do was a total knee replacement if I wanted any pain relief and wanted to continue walking. So we scheduled surgery and it had to be in a hurry because the insurance company and the hospital are having a contract dispute and after July 1 Spalding Regional may not be on our insurance list and with Obama care I'm in real doubt as to which way this is going to go and so are the doctors.  So probably June 22 is going to be the day. Anyway I did some editing for distraction and fun and a little denial.  All three of the long skinny photos started out the same but where edited differently.  I probably could have done a lot more and had more fun but I'm tired and I didn't even open my computer till after 7 and I am more than ready to go to sleep.  I am glad I did the blog; it did give me a distraction then a time to vent before  I went to sleep.  I hope you all enjoy the cloud pictures for the day.  I hope I'm giving you enough variety for the theme that I suggested for the week so you don't get bored.  if you do just leave it in the comments, promise you won't hurt my feelings.


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