Thursday, June 3, 2010

Desperately seeking distraction

Pain, horrible pain
need to go elsewhere-
to escape- to dream- to discover other places
Safe places- quiet places- beautiful places
peaceful- restful- still.
Or maybe...
exciting places, dramatic places, places of wonder
eye-catching, unique, creative.
Then again maybe...
Thoughtful places- contemplative places- reflective places
meditative, eyes closed, relaxed.
Wherever I find- whatever I find- whoever I find
provides a soothing balm
for the
Pain, horrible pain.
                                                                           © Johnina Young

Today I am desperately seeking distraction from the pain.  I'm having horrendous after-effects from the IVIG yesterday.  Every muscle and joint in my body H U R T S; even though I took my MS Contin this morning ( I take this everyday for my fibromyalsia and neuorapathy, etc.) and then took lor-tab for the break-through pain, on a scale of 1-10 my pain is still an 8. Could be worse but still hard to tolerate.  I've done some editing but only simple editing and only to the point of where frustration might start as is the case with the above photo.  I really like this photo but I'm really having a hard time with the highlights being too bright, but I included it anyway cuz I like it.

Mostly today I've been checking out the blogs that I love and finding new ones; as reflected in the poem above.  Something I haven't done for a while.  I haven't checked on my favorite blogs because I have been sleeping so much and I don't often write poetry because it is something that has to come from deep inside and just come out somehow.  I don't know how or why; it just does.
 Today I found a blog that I have always enjoyed but have never noticed before how little attention it gets.  I think many more people would enjoy this blog and the other blog Carol does if they only knew about it.  So check it out:
It is a delightful photography site. 
I have quite a few sites listed on the right hand side of my blog.  All those listed I have found personally to be delightful, interesting, thoughtful, insightful, and sometimes distracting in a very good and helpful way.
For those of you who follow my blog and enjoy it and have a blog list that you personally follow on your site; I would appreciate very much being included on that list.   Thanks so much for your support of me and all the kind comments I get.  Thanks even more for sharing your thoughts and lives and the beautiful world we all live in; it has helped get me through many of my ups and downs.  You are all a blessing in my life.
Thanks again,  Love,  Johnina

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Zuzana said...

Thnak you for that lovely poem. I am sorry about your pain and the act that you can not escape it.
I am too in a certain pain, but mine is not of the physical kind and that pain can be of the worst kind.
Thank you for introducing a new blog to us. I have found out that the quality of a blog is hardly ever reflected in the following.
Have a lovely Friday and may you find some relief in your pain,