Saturday, June 12, 2010

The clouds are the stars #5

Tonight is hot and muggy and I hurt so I decided to go ahead a finish up my series on clouds.  The reason I suggested the theme of clouds is because it brings so many happy, contented childhood memories for me.  My best friend and I would lie on the grass or on the neighbors porch and look up at the sky sometimes for hours.  Watching the clouds, finding shapes and then watching those shapes morph into different shapes, laying there feeling the coolness of the grass or the cement against our backs being completely relaxed with nothing better to do.  Oh how much more simple childhood was back when I was young.  No rushing to soccer practice or hours in front of the video games.  My time was spent outside under the clouds, riding my bike, swimming at the local community pool, later at night chasing fireflies under the moon and clouds.  Every year my family went tent camping where scenes like the one above where not unusual.  I'm sure that clouds can bring back many a childhood memory as the simple pleasure of laying in the grass watching for shapes in the clouds used to be a childhood tradition, one which was free and seemed to be practiced by all the kids I knew.


Anonymous said...

耐心是一切聰明才智的基礎。 ..................................................

Zuzana said...

Beautiful post about the sky.;) I too love watching clouds, while lying in the soft, scented grass.
The picture of the moon is amazing.
Have a lovely weekend,