Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hot Georgia Night

This afternoon as I was running errands trying to get all the little things that might make things go easier for me after the surgery.  I got more socks, one of the reasons for extra laundry.  As I have been going through my accumulated boxes I have found a treasure trove of old pictures, pictures of the kids but also drawings of mine so I picked up picture hangers.  I figure seeing the pictures will help keep up my spirits.  I got drinks that normally I wouldn't get as treats while I am down and out.  Anyway it was hot even in Wal-mart, but when I got out to the car the temperature gauge for outside the car said 104.  Even though the temperature for Griffin was officially around 95 which is hot enough I am sure that the temperature in the parking lot was indeed 104 with no shade and all that blacktop.  Really much too hot to be out.
Tom called on his way home and told me to grab my camera, because there was a sensational sunset from a sensational spot he wanted to show me.  We missed the dramatic sunset but I now know where to go for sunsets when the clouds are forming dramatic patterns.  Even with missing the sundown it was still hot and it will still be hot tomorrow morning.
I've been trying to take lots of pictures to edit while I recuperate from the knee replacement, but it is so hot I've taken to taking pictures first thing in the morning (good dew shots) or from inside the car with a quick roll down of the window, through the sunroof of the car or the most fun taking photos at night.  I am learning to use the manual settings on my camera and am not using the flash.  I am having great fun learning a new skill and getting some exciting new photos.  I am so glad this was the theme for Written inc this week; it has been most enjoyable.  Below are some photos I took of my garden at night using only available lighting and playing with the camera settings especially shutter speed. Even though I am just learning  I am thrilled with the results so far (giggle-giggle).  I hope you ENJOY, too.


Zuzana said...

I LOVE the top picture, where is that taken? It is magical.
Please send me some of your heat. I love heat, the best is the humid heat of the southeast. I am so living in the wrong par of the world.;)
Have a lovely end of the week,

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love how you captured the sun in the second photo (late afternoon sun?) [And BTW, now your comment box works perfectly for me at my home computer too! So whatever the issue was, it has resolved itself. Good news!]

Linda in New Mexico said...

Good Luck on your knee replacement. I had mine done...let's see it will be 4 years in February. Smart of you to get "stuff" together for after surgery....but remember to keep moving lots too. I love your photos, the lovely lane is just that lovely. I especially the painted daisies, the way the sun is backlighting them. The Olde Bagg, Linda

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