Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Surgery and simple edits

Today I had surgery, so this is going to be short a sweet. It is also the reason why I didn't do a post yesterday; I decided that going to bed early was better for me than putting up a post. A friend of mine Nicu Liuta said this about being on the website MyShutterSpace "I can't live without this...it's my phototherapy!..." I agree with him whole-heartedly and couldn't have put it better. I just have to add photo taking,photo editing and my blog. I am trying to integrate my goals as I add them and taking care of myself is #1 goal. I must admit that going to bed early and putting up a new post was something of a toss-up; they both do me good. Anyway the surgery was to replace a mal-functioning port. The surgeon took out the bad port from my left side just below my collar bone and put a brand new power port on my right side just below my collar bone. Now both my arms are not working so well and I have to be careful of what I do till it heals. It hurts, too.
I decided instead of doing a complicated edit I would spend more time with a simple edit but spend more time looking at it so I could really finesse it. The results are shown here. The top picture was redone several times before I got a picture I really liked; I didn't settle on the first edit. The bottom picture was also redo several times as I learned how to change the color of the sky. They don't fit in the wow category, but I'm also learning that editing a pretty picture is alright , too.

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jeannette stgermain said...

Just had surgery? Take care of yourself:)
I agree with you, I like the first pic on this post!