Thursday, December 3, 2009

December Goals

I have been blessed with the ability to learn fairly quickly, however I also have a short attention span. Consequently I have a real problem getting really good at things. This December I am going to work on this problem of mine. I've learned a lot about editing pictures in the last couple of months and am getting better, but I find myself just doing quick edits and not stretching to really learn more like I was. So for this month I am going to concentrate on taking my photos further in my editing and maybe not do as many. The photos on today's blog are ones that I spent a lot of time on. They may not be perfect, but I really like them. We'll see how this goal goes. I think I have have done better on my goals since I have put them in my blog. I've always heard that to get the best results from one's goals is to make them specific, write them down and let others know so one feels accountable for one's goals. This blog takes care of all those suggestions quite nicely, even the last one is taken care of because I know my husband, most of the rest of my family and plenty of friends, both long time and brand new, read my blog. I hope you enjoy the photos.
Please notice on the bottom of the page a request for your quotes, jokes or inspirational thoughts, things that help you though the day. Join me on my blog. :^D


Jason Sparks said...

These are some interesting additions to your craftwork. I too am a novice in post shoot production and software use. I can do what I consider to be simple things... although I know many people that can do only much less. But still- I am not efficient or schooled in photo softwares.

jeannette stgermain said...

Those are good goals! Which program are you using to edit your pics?