Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Home again, Home again

I'm home again, actually I've been home a couple of days, I just have not been up to my normal speed yet. After running a low grade fever with a high white blood count for six weeks, then having a horrible Fibromyalsia flare, then developing cruddy sounding lungs the doctor decided to put me in the hospital to find out what was going on. As it turn out from the tests I had pnuemonia. For me only having pnuemonia is a good thing. Anyway they started treatment in the hospital and sent me home. I was still running a low grade fever when I left but by then I could do for myself at home what they could have done for me in the hospital even if I was not completely well.
I'm certainly glad to be home and it has made me grateful for some things I normally take for granted, like hot water and the Internet. It's amazing how fast new technologies get accepted as part of our daily life and get integrated into our lives so we really miss it when it was gone. This hospital has no Wi-Fi and even if I knew it going in, I sure missed it while I was there. I can't even imagine what it would be like without TV. Even though I watch little TV in the hospital most others do. You can hear the many different channels down the hall; which is why I wear earphones and listen to music. It's just a cacophony in the hall. Until I learned the trick with the earphones the noise of the hospital used to keep me always on edge. Anyway back to to getting used to change and new technologies in our lives; I remember when TV was a luxury that you paid extra for; now it is a right and loud would be the protests if the charged 'extra' for it. I imagine that in the not too distant future there will be Wi-Fi in the hospital to. Already people bring their computers and use them, not long ago the would have been locked up as valuables or not brought at all. If you think about it Laptops have not even been around that long allowing people the option to even bring a computer. Come to think of it a personal computer of any kind has not been around for all that long either. I was able to do some editing while in the hospital. I was extremely grateful for having just gotten a laptop that I could take with me. While editing I even came across a couple more funny pictures.
The other thing I missed the most was hot water, a little step backward there. They turn down the water temperature so that sick people who are not thinking well can not burn themselves; which left me with cold showers. I hate cold showers and with a fever I hate them even worse. It might have been good for me, look on the bright side type thing but I couldn't think that way with cold showers. I hate cold showers period. I hate them even worse with a fever cuz they give me chills.
Of course I missed my family and Thanksgiving which wasn't fun at all. I did get lots of sleep in between everyone checking on me. I really needed that sleep. I really needed to be in the hospital.
I am really grateful to be here still to be with my family and friends, to feel of their love and concern, to know and feel their prayers and best wishes for me. Many people expressed their concern and kept me in their thoughts and it truly touched my heart. Thank you it was a most memorable Thanksgiving; one truly felt in the heart.

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jeannette stgermain said...

Interesting pic of your feet LOL. Glad you're out of the hospital, and hope you are getting enough rest/sleep at home. Of course, that also depends on you:)
Just curious, I don't know how much fibromyalgia is researched, since the medical world does not agree about the cause of the disease, but do you know others who struggle with the same? Are they, or have they been before, people who have an A-type personality?