Sunday, November 6, 2011

Help Wanted- written inc #169

Carmi has come up with a wonderful theme this week and though I am a little late I still would like to post a blog on that theme.  The theme is bricks and mortar and as you can hopefully see I love older brick buildings and the architectural details that often accompany them.
The reason for the help wanted is because there is a local magazine that is looking for photos of local culture to publish.  The magazine Kitchen Drawer does an excellent job of promoting local events and businesses; in building a sense of community.  I have lived in the Griffin area for longer than I lived anywhere else in my life and have come to love living in the area and this town and would like to contribute to that sense of community.  The extra money might be nice but that is not the main reason for my wanting to contribute to this magazine. I have tried in this collage to not only show the building postcard style but to show the greater personality that only focusing on the details and different views can show, the collage does need some tweaking and for that I am asking for help.  I know the title needs fixing for sure but don't know exactly how to fix it. Suggestions from all on the whole collage would be appreciated. If you click on the photo you should be able to get a larger view. This would be printed on at an 8x10 size format for the magazine.
Thanks for visiting and any suggestions



Karen S. said...

Oh this is such an eye pleaser in your presentation! Nicely done! I didn't notice this post on Carmi's TP#169, but since I follow you I got to know you posted! Very nice TP for his theme...I posted late too...I was out of town!

Sara said...

Brick back ground to go with the brick buildings. Post card is catchy! I am by no means a photo critic and my monitor at work is dim / does not display the best, but I wonder if the middle photo is a bit dark? The composition is nice. And all the detail photos are interesting. I also like the title. Thanks for popping by my blog and following. Good luck with the contest

Eileen Bergen said...

The photos are gorgeous and really present Griffin in a good light.

IMO, they get lost against the dark brick - not enough contrast. You could lower the opacity of the brick background.

Ditto for the title - it's lost against the dark bricks.

You might try a more blocky font as well. Perhaps one of the Goudy typefaces. Not only would it be easier to read, but also a bit retro-looking. in line with the beautiful photos.

Really nice layout. I like the symmetrical look which reflects the traditional theme.

Good luck with the magazine!