Monday, November 7, 2011

AEDM Day 7- Red leaf- 400th post

Wow i was surprised when I looked at my stats for this blog to realize this is my 400th post.
I also realized today that when I signed up to do Art Every Day Month yesterday that since I am in the hospital I don't have access to my scanner so I could post my artwork.  However there are other types of artwork that I can create because I do have my computer and my photos. 
I had signed up to do a new note card swap on Swap-bot which was a scavenger hunt for three themes  on three cards.  The themes are leaves, red and nostalgia, so I went on a scavenger hunt through my photos to turn into cards.  I have a purchased Georgia O'Keefe (love her art) card with one of her leaf paintings on it which I will send, but in going through my photos I found this wonderful red leaf photo to edit.

I edited it to look more like a note card drawing and that edit is on the top of this post.

I also found this photo which fits the nostalgia theme, it was already edited, but one that I love.

Or maybe I'll send this one- which I also edited earlier but love the way it turned out.  What do you think?
When I get home I will be able to print them on textured or lightly patterned card stock to finish this art project.


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Eileen Bergen said...

I absolutely love the red poinsettia leaves which you Phtoshopped. That's a pretty advanced effect and beautifully executed.

When I get something like that going in Photoshop, I often don't know when to quit. lol.

What a great way to take your mind off being in the hospital.

I hope you'll be home soon!

My 2nd fav is the foggy buildings.