Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winds of Change

I got up this morning and when I went out it was a beautiful, bright, sunny but cold day.  The frost was thick on the ground but where the sun had hit the ground the frost had already melted.  So wonderful with the sparkling frost and the still bright colors of the leaves.  However the temperature sure let me know that change was in the air.  Winter is on the way.
All the photos on the video were taken this morning using my new camera.  A couple of weeks ago my camera broke again and I had to take it in to have it fixed and a plug for Best Buy, since I had insurance and it had been fixed 3 times already; they replaced it.  Since Nikon no longer makes my old camera and they did not have a comparable camera they gave me what I paid not what it was worth toward a new camera.  Since it was Black Friday weekend they had really good deals and I was able  to upgrade big time for only $20.  I was so excited to try it out.  I haven't quite got all my photos tack sharp, but I'm learning.
The music I used on the video is from the album 'Return of the Gaurdians' by David Arkenstone.  I really enjoy his music and have 4 of his albums.  Apparently lots of people like his music.  He has been around at least 15 years and has 169 listings on Amazon.

I haven't done very many videos and I hope you enjoy it.  Most of it was done in the Doctors office today as I was having my neurological tests done on my hands.  No good news there; just what the Doctor expected.  Sigh!  Anyway ENJOY   Johnina  :^A

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