Saturday, December 4, 2010

Winds of Change 2

I redid the video, I had a hard time downloading last time.  It took forever and when it it did download it was so much more fuzzy than what I started with.  My signature was even fuzzy and even though my photos may not have been tack sharp due to my learning to use my new camera there was no reason for the signature to be fuzzy.  I also realized that it would be so much better with more photos so yesterday morning; another bright sunny cold morning I took more pictures and edited them.  I had a lot of fun editing them doing both standard edits and art edits.  I hope you will take another look as it almost a completely different video.  I am learning.

Johnina  :^A

~~~Sorry still fuzzy from download-any suggestions~~~

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Emily Young said...

Very cool, Mom.

What's this music from? I feel like I know it...