Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day USA

This is a very important election here in the USA.  I made sure that I voted by taking advantage of the early voting.  I just picked a day when I felt decent and went and voted.  I was amazed at the number of people who where there to vote early.  Early voting and absentee voting have been a big controversy as it can lead to more voter fraud.  I agree with the old rules where you had to have a reason to vote early or have an absentee ballot.  I used to have to have to explain why I was requesting an early ballot and sign it.  This time I just checked a box that said I was requesting an early ballot. What good does it do to have early voting to make it easier for the handicapped (me) to vote if the only voting place is busy with those who just want to avoid the crowds on election day.  My husband avoided the crowds by getting up early this morning to be first in line.  My son has chosen to deal with the crowds a little later on.  This is a civic duty folks and a little inconvenience to help avoid voter fraud and help the handicapped and elderly to vote should be worth it.
Absentee ballots are also wide open for fraud, probably more so than early voting, but they do have a place and like early voting should only be used for specific reasons.  My daughter is away at college and needs one and I have a son-in -law who travels for business and will be out of town on election day.  These are legitamite reasons.
I would hope that those of you out there who are US citizens will brave the inconvenience of voting today and go out and make your voice heard!!!!

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Snaggle Tooth said...

Yep, votong was definately crowded this time! My stae of Massachusetts re-elected the Dem Governor n Senator!