Friday, November 19, 2010

Every cloud has a silver lining

Last Christmas I got my husband a subscription to Netflix.  He has never ordered a movie and very rarely watches the movies I pick; however I have enjoyed it and it has saved me some money.  I use it to check out movies before I purchase them and that has been real handy as some movies only last about 15 min before I eject them.  We very seldom go to the movies due to the cost; maybe once a year for something special (Star Trek, Star Wars, LOTR and an occasional other).  I would much rather spend my entertainment money on books and music and movies I will watch over and over again.  I also use Netflix to play movies on my computer when I am working on a project (sewing, inside gardening, or other such things).  I feel bad when my presents are not useful or enjoyed by those that they are intended for, but I have enjoyed this one, and the kids have too.  It gets used and enjoyed even more when kids and grandkids visit.  So silver lining.
I think the best of the silver lining is I get to try movies that I might otherwise never have watched.  I can even watch a chick flick while Tom is at work without worrying about being teased about the sniffles.  I can lean back and enjoy.  Maybe even enjoy some chocolate, be the typically decadent housewife. LOL.  Anyway with the change of season crud, you know the stomach bug going around or the sinus problems or the cold that seems to show up when the first weather changes, going around the house and sending me to the doctors, I actually watched a movie all the way through without ever pausing or falling asleep or being distracted and having to rewind.  For me this is something of a miracle.  There are still movies that I have 'watched' many times and we've had for years that I am surprised to find scenes that I had never seen before.  The nice thing, the best thing about the movie is I really liked it and hopefully someone this Christmas will give it to me.  Below is the Trailer:

                       It's about the many different aspects of love and forgiveness in many different relationships.  The Last Song was very enjoyable, not a movie I would have bought without seeing first.  It just happened to be here when I was sick enough to actually watch it, but not so sick that I fell asleep watching.  I also usually don't watch a movie if I have read the book first.  My philosophy about that is the movie can never live up to the book or at least there are few exceptions to this.  I think I now need to read the book.
Hope all is well at you house and you can find some time to find an unexpected pleasure, a silver lining if need be in you life.
Johnina  :^A

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