Thursday, November 25, 2010


These are my flowers that have managed to survive the frosts that we have had and continue to bud and bloom.  My blanketflowers continue to add a bright cheerful invitation to my front door even when they are surrounded by the fallen brown leaves of the autumn trees.  These late fall troopers from my garden continue to gladden my heart.

These tiny daisy like flowers were tucked up next to the concrete of my driveway.  Tiny as they are they are somewhat sheltered by the little heat and protection from the lip of the concrete, one more flower to brighten my day.  I noticed it because when I walk with my dog I look around for the beauty of this world.  This photo reminds me of a quote I found  a couple of days ago while reading.
"The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm.  (or your sense of wonder)"   
~Aldous Huxley~
~parenthesis added by me~ 

There are times when I am able to capture that sense of wonder as I look around as a child might.
I try to be a Trooper too, bringing a little brightness into the world with my photos.  I also try to be a Trooper in a different way, in spite of the set backs in my life where I can't always post, I always come back.  In our house we have had the autumn crud going through those who inhabit this house.  Even Tom took a day off work today.  I think this was the 4th time in 30+ years of marriage that he has taken a sick day for himself (with the exception of surgery).  He has to be extraordinarily sick to stay home.  Jeremy has been sick and dragging for weeks and finally gave in, took the day off and went into the doctor.  I, myself have not felt good either and have had to contend with IVIG and other Doctor visits.  One of the reasons I had to go to one of my doctors shows up real well in my artwork.  I did a zendoodle of my hands, both my right and my left hand. 
I went to the neurologist because when I reached and grabbed something with my right hand I would get shocks down my arm and sometimes drop what I had just picked up not just from the pain but because my muscles let go.  I was suddenly losing strength in my hand.  I was no longer able to lift lids or twist lids off.  Sometimes when I hold something light and get distracted my hand 'forgets' that I am holding it and down it goes.  Not cool.  My fingers were getting curled and my hand will no longer lay flat and they are kind of lumpy and twisted.  I pushed my hand down to trace it but I think you can see the difference between my hands (the lumps around my wrist on my left hand is my watch).  The fingers are shorter, don't separate, are lumpy and look for the shape of the fingernails and you can tell my fingers are twisted on my right hand.  A lot of this has happened over the last couple months as I have worked so hard to build my blog and develop a network I truly enjoy. The doctor told me that we can test to see how bad the damage has gotten but we already knew I had peripheral neuropathy and carpel tunnel so unless there was a new underlying problem there was not much that could be done that we were not already doing.  I was really quite bummed and turned to prayer.  'Why be given these gifts and loves if I am not able to develop them?'   I kind of felt like Yentl in the movie.  I know that the Lord wants us to develop our talents and to share them to make this world a better place and to help build up the Lord's kingdom on earth.  I felt like I would be led to what I needed as has so often happened, my serendipity, and it will come.  Sure enough that night I saw an ad for voice recognition software that I think will help me tremendously.  It is now on my Amazon wish list.
  Dragon Premier 11.  I researched on Amazon, CNET, Best Buy to get what I think will be the best for me and my system.  Windows7 may have a lot of advantages but the program has to be Windows7 compatible because it is picky.  
    ON TOP OF THE HILL.     
☺☺☺ SMILING☺☺☺ 


Zuzana said...

Beautiful flowers, here nothing is in bloom any longer as we are under snow.;)
Love the hands.;)
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,

Kiki aka Victoria said...

HI Johnina, thanks for sharing your touching story and the challenges you are going through..hang in there..keep spirited and shine on! Wishing all the best in your health!
Your flowers are gorgeous...they are strong spirits too..and full of color and beauty..just like you!
Have a gorgeous day!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

An inspiring post! Happy Thanksgiving!

Carmi said...

You will always be an inspiration to us all.

Voice recognition software often demands a lot of horsepower from a computer. Older machines with limited memory often stumble when something like Dragon is loaded. As more software gets written specifically for Windows 7, it becomes an easier business case to just upgrade the entire computer.

(I write about this kind of thing all the time. If I can help in any way, please let me know.)