Saturday, June 11, 2011

My computer found it's way home

I absolutely miss my computer when it is in the shop, and surprise, surprise I was given an estimated time of the work being done by Monday, but they called the same day and told us it was ready.  I just can't explain how elated I was to get it back.  My camera and my computer are life savers for me.  Being somewhat house bound; my camera allows me to see the world around me in a different light and my computer gives me a link to the outside world.  Even when I am inside I still take photos out my window of the many birds that visit my bird feeders.

Hope you enjoy my birds like I do, a glimpse into a beautiful world that surrounds us if we make the effort to see it,  after all I could have left my curtains shut or never even put up the feeders in the first place which was Tom and Emily's idea but I got the feeders and Tom put them up and now even on my worst days I can still enjoy the beauty of nature.

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