Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ah-choo- my computer caught a cold

 Stupid virus- anyway I'm back to using my husband's computer.  I could really get off on the evil-doers who create these viruses and I think that evil-doers is an appropriate word.  There are only two reasons for developing a virus; one is for criminal purposes such as credit card theft or some such or out of pure maliciousness since they never know whose lives they mess up. The only reason is to prove they can do it, just for the ego boost.   I find both these reason inconceivable especially the second one. I would never want to mess up someone else's life like that.  Do they realize how much angst they cause by such behavior?  At the very least there is the loss of computer time and most people rely on their computers now. But then there is straightening out credit errors, business problems to be worked out- time and money both lost- not to mention the loss of personal and precious documents and photos- so much of our lives are now on our computers and the pain that that loss brings.  Why? I suppose some of it has to do with what seems like a victimless crime because they don't know who they are affecting, although that does not always stop criminals.  Pranksters I just don't understand on any level, if you need to prove you can do something, try something constructive, try the next hot computer game or better yet if you're that smart try becoming the next Bill Gates. You'll laugh a lot harder with your wallet stuffed with money than you ever will by making someone else's life miserable.  Enough with the rant and venting I'm going in search of some pictures of beauty to reinforce the fact that in spite of whatever goes on in our lives there is always beauty around me.




Max said...

Amen to your last comment - we can't control the idiot evil-doers, but we can control what we focus on. And those are some beautiful pictures to focus on.

Hook's Haunted Hollow said...

I bet if you download the program Malwarebytes on your hubbies computer. Transfer the instal file to a flashdrive. Boot up your infected computer in "safe mode with networking". Install Malwarebytes on that comp, let it do its update, then run a full system scan.

Remove any malicious programs it finds then reboot in normal mode. your troubles should be fixed for the most part.

Unfortunately the malicious programs out there right now like to disable any and all virus protection in your system settings so getting them to work again can be a chore even after the malware has been eliminated.

Here is a link to download page for Malwarebytes:


Hook's Haunted Hollow said...

You have to get the Malwarebytes from the flash drive because all the bad malware out there knows the program works well to clean them off your system. Therefor, they are programmed automatically stop you from downloading or installing it on the infected computer in normal mode. They also, alter and disable your virus protection making it in-operable as well.

In safe mode the computer only loads the necessary programs to function so the malware does NOT start. Hense, it is unable to block you from installing, updating, running, and cleaning the malicious programs from your computer's hard drive with malwarebytes. Good luck! I hope this helps. I've done it about 10-15 times on friends and co-workers computers.