Thursday, June 23, 2011

The advantages of insomnia

When you can’t sleep at night you can sometimes see things that you wouldn’t see during the day. I’m not talking about dreams here, but real live happenings that on occasion offer some really fun photo ops.  Everyone in our family has sleep problems- insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, sleep walking and just about any sleep problems you can think of.  Consequently we leave a light on in our house all night long so those who can’t sleep can find their way around without stumbling.  We leave the light on above the kitchen window for two reasons- one it doesn’t shine under anyone’s door- two we don’t have to turn on any other light to get a midnight (or sometimes later) snack.  Due to the fact that the curtains are open the light shines outside and it attracts all kinds of insects.  A couple of nights ago I got to meet this genius frog when I got up and got a cup of water.  There he was stuck to the window with this bountiful source of food all around him, coming to him.  Pretty smart, huh.  What a great photo op for me.  I took several photos of him from the kitchen and got some wonderful shots of his underside an feet.

Normally I wouldn’t go outside during the night but this was just to tempting.  I took my camera out and tried real hard to take a photo of him with just the light from inside which was casting some wonderful shadows on him on the outside.  After adjusting the shutter speed and whatever else I could think of I failed to get a good picture of him.  I did happen to capture this really bizarre photo because he was  backlit. In spite of the fact that it did not capture the froggy details I really like this photo  and it’s really strange, compelling beauty.
After failing to get a good photo of him without a flash, I opened up the flash and tried to take his pic.  All I accomplished was scaring him off the window and onto the brick around the window where he posed very nicely for me.  Judging from his look he was not pleased, but he did stay real still for me.


Max said...

Great photos, even the blurry back lit one. I love when photo ops just happen out of nowhere at the most mundane times, great of you to take advantage of it!

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Thanks Max- I try to keep my camera out and ready to use all the time :^A

Carmi said...

I totally echo Max's sentiment: The neatest photographic moments often happen at the most unexpected times. And good on you for recognizing it, and for keeping your camera close at-hand.

I dig your photographic philosophy, Johnina. You've found a way to share your vision no matter where you are. You see more close to home than most people see virtually anywhere else. Coolness!