Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ah-choo- my computer caught a cold- Part 2

That's pirate for 'Oh bother, but this is going to be expensive!!!'
Tom took my computer down to have it fixed this morning, but I won't be getting it back till Monday or Tuesday.   Sooo... since my pics are almost all on my computer or my external hard-drive ( I'm so glad I just backed up last week, but I still might lose some from this week) I probably not be posting photos.  I'll just have to make due with my other artwork.  Of course you may get to know me better this way as drawings and paintings tend to expose one's deep down feelings and emotions.  The pirate picture was drawn last night when I was still upset and couldn't sleep (one did not necessarily cause the other) but the choice of subject and his expression certainly show how mad I was and I didn't even notice I had given him devil's horns until after I was finished.  How's that for a Freudian slip?
Anyway I hope you enjoy my artwork till I can get to my photos again.

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