Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer storm aftermath

Big old oak tree- no more

These photos are of the aftermath of the summer storm from my last post.  Even though this was a more typical summer storm than we have had lately, it still left some damage of it's own including 3 people who died because of trees falling on them.  Most storms are not this bad as far as damage goes, but with the tornado weather a couple of weeks ago the trees have been weakened.  By now most of the clean-up is done and things are back to normal.  I have noticed that a lot of people have done a lot of clean-up and tarring  down of old buildings.  I'm sure at least some of the reason is to keep the damage down when the next tornado type storm comes by but it has really made an improvement on the way some parts of town look.
House among the trees

Downed old power lines (you have to look hard)

Traveling down I-75

No more sound barrier

Stopping to get gas

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