Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lifestyle changes

Eggs Dijon
The seizures that I have been having have cause multiple drastic lifestyle changes.  I can not drive so I am basically housebound.  I carry my cell phone on my person constantly so I can call for help because even if there is someone else in the house once a seizure starts even with being conscience; I can not talk well enough to shout for help or walk well enough to go for help so I call our land line to get someone to help.  I now have to have someone in the house just in case. Hopefully this is only temporary, only until the seizures are under control.
Since the doctors tend to agree that at least in part this is due to all the medications I take, I am coming off some meds and changing others.  The doctors and I are working on using less toxic meds even if they do not work  as well and using supplements instead or to enhance the effectiveness of the less toxic meds.
This was causing havoc with my system until recently as I am now adjusting to the new medications.  In fact now I am starting to feel better than I have in quite awhile.
However I'm about to embark on a drastic lifestyle change; changing the way I eat.  All my research has mentioned that adults with seizures have been helped by a low carb diet.  After I check this out with a couple of my doctors and learn how to manage my insulin shots to control my diabetes I going to give it a try.  Of all the suggestions on meds and supplements this seems to be the safest alternative and beneficial in other ways too.  I want to make this diet as healthy as possible and if this may be a permanent lifestyle change I want to enjoy it.  To this end I have pulled out my cookbooks and am looking through them for new recipes and I hit up the library for low carb cookbooks.  I am having a delightful time looking for new and exciting ways to cook and recipes I might not have tried before.  I discovered that I can make this change and truly enjoy the process.  I think I had gotten into a rut with the way I was eating and instead of trying to adapt my old recipes I am going to find a new and delicious way to eat.  I love learning and am going to make this an exciting new voyage of discovery by trying a new recipe every day.    If I can figure out how to put my new recipes from my cookbook program to my blog; I will share them with you.  Even if you are not on a low carb diet you might enjoy the dishes anyway.


LauraX said...

Yum Johnina this looks wonderful. Thank you so much for stopping by blog and for your interest in the meditation healing circle. Oh my goodness and I just looked to the left to see a link to my blog too! I hope that you start to stabilize soon I had a toxic reaction to one of my medications earlier this year and lost the ability to walk for a few months and at first they didn't know it was the medicine and thought it was stress (aka: all in my mind!) because my MRI's were unchanged!!! But finally the figured it out and I can now walk without falling every few steps! This is a challenging journey with chronic illness, but I like to consider myself chronically blessed as well, for I have learned a great deal about life, kindness, compassion, patience, family and friendship along the way.

gentle steps my new friend

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sorry to hear about this turn for the worse in your health. Good for you for making the medication and lifestyle changes that will help keep things on an even keel for you.