Friday, May 20, 2011



I was watching the movie "Field of Dreams"; I haven't seen it in quite a while and had forgotten all the little life philosophies that it contains besides the obvious one of following the inner voice.  There are a lot of metaphors for lost chances, events that change your life and set you on a different path.  As I was watching and contemplating my own life; tears started to roll down my face, not tears of sorrow but tears because my spirit was touched.  With all the changes and different paths that I have taken, sometimes of my own choice and sometimes placed upon me by my health; this movie at this time of one more path change gave me pause to think and feel.  Hence the tears.  Especially when Ray asks 'What's in it for me?'.  Perhaps our lives shouldn't always be about 'What's in it for me?' perhaps it is only after we have risked everything and everything we do seems to bless others while our circumstances continue to go downhill that we need to let go of ourselves and our needs to have what we, ourselves REALLY need for our peace and healing just like in the movie.  After all isn't that what  Christ meant when he said when lose ourselves in service that we find ourselves.  I think sometimes stories can give us pause for thought and that's a good thing.  Christ taught in parables for a reason, sometimes we are moved more by stories then by being lectured.
As the movie was ending good 'ole Rascal stuck his nose over the arm of the chair with his sad eyes and even sadder whine; trying his best to let me know that he had to go out NOW.  Big Sigh! I really didn't want to get up much less go for a walk.  But up I got and as I opened the door Serendipity stepped in and I got to witness the miracle of two adult Robins with 5 little ones gathered round them.  I say miracle because this is something I had never seen before and I found witnessing this awe inspiring.  This circle of life- this new life.  Surprise, surprise I was so entranced I forgot to grab my camera.  Knowing that as soon as I opened the door they would fly away, I just stood there peacefully watching despite an occasional nudge on my legs from my faithful companion.  I did eventually pull myself together, grabbed my camera and monopod and headed out the door.  I did manage to snap a shot of one of the babies in the neighbors yard before they all flew away.  I then saw a different kind of baby bird and clicked his pic.  Apparently since we have bird feeders on our front porch the birds are now enjoying life in my yard instead of the woods where I can't see them as often.  I didn't know such a small thing would make such a difference.  As Rascal and I continued our walk with me much more peaceful; I took notice of the afternoon sunshine on the woods and captured that also.

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