Saturday, January 29, 2011


This is my first Photo contest winner.  The theme was 'Abandoned' and I am so glad I took this picture on a whim.  I was walking through the woods and there tucked partly under some bushes was this very dilapidated umbrella with the sun shining in on it.  Catching that natural spotlight made for a quite dramatic photo.
I can't believe how good this win made me feel.  It gave me such a boost that I really can make it as a photographer; that I am an artistic photographer not just a hobbyist or one who only takes snapshotsThis has changed my view of who I am, I AM AN ARTIST.  It has been verified by those whom I formerly viewed as my betters and I now view as my peers. With them welcoming me into their ranks with this honor and the wonderful comments that went with it.
It was indeed
Your artist friend
Johnina :^A


Serena said...

CONGRATULATIONS and a great photo too!

Max said...

Congratulations! Great picture, certainly gives the feel of abandonment, yet not in a totally depressing way.