Sunday, September 19, 2010


Alone we can do nothing,
But together our minds fuse into something
Whose power is far beyond
The power of it's separate parts.
The kingdom cannot be found alone,
And you who are the kingdom
Cannot find yourself alone.
                              ~A Course in Miracles~ 
I have been reading Wayne Dyer's book 'The Power of Intention' and this is one of the quotes from it that I found to be both profound and true through my life.  I have read quite a few self-help books and this principle is called synergy.  I call it the 1 + 1 = 3 principle.  If you have ever done brainstorming you know that if you do it alone you can come up with some good ideas, but if you add another person the ideas flow much quicker and get refined much faster.  In one of my college classes on creative thinking we were told to come up with as many uses of a screwdriver as we could.  We then went down the rows and listed our answers getting many repeats and very few results.  The professor than had us brainstorm as a group and we quickly filled the chalkboards, all of them, with hundreds of uses.  Synergy at work.  At one point I was helping my sister and mom start a housecleaning business and normally my sister and I went together and cleaned two houses in the morning.  We decided to experiment and we split up and each did a house and it took us till mid-afternoon.  Again synergy at work.  The picture above is our woman's organization at church where we have a project to make totes and fill them for the local woman's shelters.  Most women who enter these shelters do so on short notice and do not have time to pack so we are providing them with basic toiletries so they feel like they have something of their own to keep themselves fresh and nice looking. One of those things that are very important to women in that situation.  As we made the totes and filled them not only were we serving a need but we were also building our sisterhood.  Great things happening.
The same kind of synergy can happen over the Internet as we share our lives and thoughts on our blogs.  We can communicate worldwide, both male and female and bring about greater understanding as we get to know each other, especially as we leave comments for each other.  As I once heard said 'We are all more alike than we are different.' and as the opening quote says we all need each other.
Johnina  :^A 

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bettyl said...

What a wonderful thing you all are doing for others. Filling a need that would otherwise be overlooked.