Thursday, September 16, 2010

Before the dew is off the Rose

This morning was beautiful with soft light and cool temps.  Having been frustrated lately with trying to take pictures first thing in the morning; between low blood sugar and not having my medicine in my system fully my hands shake real bad in the morning.  Sooo yesterday I went and bought a monopod in hopes that it would help steady me enough to take good clear photos.  This morning I tried it out.  The pictures were very much better and the monopod is so much easier to use than a tripod.  I'm sure there will be time when I will still use my tripod when out taking a series of photos but I've been trying to figure out an easier way to steady myself when I'm just out walking and the tripod is somewhat awkward and bulky.  While the monopod is not quite as flexible when it comes to pointing the camera (no swivel head) it is an excellent compromise.  The pictures I took this morning are proof.  The rose photo I took this morning was nice and clear but then serendipity, I accidentally hit the zoom button and wow was I surprised at the detail I was able to see, so I cropped it to the size of the zoom and it's up above.
The morning started out beautifully, but I ended up spending my afternoon and some of my evening at Best Buy getting my computer fixed.  It has been acting up for several days but became absolutely unusable today, fortunately they were able to fix it while I was in the store, it just took a long time. 
While I was there I had them look at my camera; when I fell and hurt myself, I scratched the lens, it's a small scratch but still a scratch and since I paid for insurance for accidental damage I figured I ought to have it fixed, so I'll be back to my old camera for a couple of weeks. Sigh! 


Zuzana said...

Oh that is simply gorgeous... Look at that delicate detail of texture, both of flower and the dew...
Hope your computer is "all well now" and too bad about the scratched lens, good that your insurance will cover that.;)
Sorry I have not visited for a while, I am way too preoccupied with my life currently, but I enjoyed your recent comment very much.
Have a lovely weekend,

Twain12 said...

well the result is stunning...i have to look into a monopod , thanks for the tip