Friday, May 28, 2010

Wow, I just love serendipity!

While I was taking picture while sitting on my walker I was using a mister on the flowers and got my lens with it and decided to go ahead and take some pictures.  The camera focused on the drops instead of the flower and I got an intriguing photo but nothing great.  Since I had it and it was unusual  I played with it to see what I might be able to make of it.  First I cropped it in half,  Then In Picasa 3, it has a button label something like do you feel lucky and I pushed it an wow the blue showed up.  OK this was certainly encouraging.  Then I turn up the shadows and saturation a smidge.  Then a little glow and I loved it. I then added a frame in picnik to pull it together. I was amazed, a case of a "happy accident" or serendipity.  I just love love it when that happens.  I find the more positive my attitude the more trust and faith I show, the more this happens; I am guided sometimes by what at first seems like an accident or misfortune into something wonderful.
I edited another photo which turned out to have a very different look.  Enjoy