Thursday, May 20, 2010

Still a beautiful world

It's been a while since I have written a blog especially one where I express myself.  Lately my blogs have been kind of superficial and that is not what I wanted when I started.  I realize that blogs evolve and change but sometimes they have to have a course correction back to where thy were intended to go in the first place.  When I first started I wanted to use my photographs to illustrate my life but I wanted the blog to be about my life and how I cope with my disabilities without it becoming a poor old me (POM) blog.   This blog has become more about the photographs and less about me so I started another blog which will be about the photos and how I did them.  I'm going back to using the photos here to illustrate my life and since photography plays such an important part of my life there will still be plenty of photos.

The change in my blog came about gradually but really started when my husband who reads it faithfully and has learned a lot about me and we have had some wonderful conversations started because of this blog, but he told me at one point that my blog was becoming a POM blog.  Well maybe it was but at the time I was dealing with a LOT of pain and the blog was telling the truth of my situation.  However I take my husbands opinions to heart and from then on the blog slowly became more impersonal, more about the photos, and further apart.  This blog has been so helpful to me and hopefully entertaining and helpful to others and I miss what it was.  When I was in high school I had a history teacher who taught us first and foremost that history and the truth of it depended on what was told and how it was told but also it depended on what was left out.  Lately I have been leaving out a lot of my truth and if at times this becomes a POM blog than please remember that in spite of the pain in my life I still believe there is much beauty in this world. 


jeannette said...

It's okay Johnina, you can make your blog anything you want to
-or you can separate and have a few blog pages (I did that with mine -I have ART NOTES specifically about art, and Mysteries about "whatever' comes to mind), or you can do it as a journal.
You take beautiful pics! But I'm also interested in your life:)

Carmi said...

Life always has a way of showing her beautiful side, even when we're so challenged from so many directions that it's hard to see it. I'm so glad you've chosen to look for the good. There's so much of it, isn't there?

Zuzana said...

What a lovely husband that is so involved with your writing...lucky you.
I like your blog, no matter what you write. We go through times when we focus more on our own well being and there has to be room for it there too.;) After all, it is very therapeutic to vent our frustration and pain in writing.;)

Paul C said...

There is nothing wrong with balancing POM with beauty and vitality. Beautiful shots.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I agree, we start blogs with different purposes in mind. When I started mine, I thought people would be more interested in the animals we have here but soo discovered that this was not so. My world of bugs is so different to what people think it is, those pesky critters we swat all the time. :)

I am glad I have been able to do what I love with my blog and still have people enjoy it.

I love the idea of being given a plant for Mothers day. It is a gift which will grow and be a constant reminder of your family's love.