Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm a big, old, scary guy

This photo was taken before the one on yesterdays post.  The little bird (a mockingbird) had been dive bombing him and he spread out his wings and flapped them a couple of times to try and intimidate that little mockingbird but it didn't work so he settled down and tolerated the cheeky little thing.  As I have looked at them and shown them to others a realization has been made at how this little story and the pictures makes a good parable for my life right now.  I'm that feisty little mockingbird facing down that big, old, scary Vulture; the trails of my lifeMost of the time by attacking the problem or facing it no matter that it appears to be many times my size my trials remain relatively calm and I am able to handle it, HOWEVER sometimes like the Vulture my trials spread out their wings and get to looking as big as they possibly can.  That's when I can get to feeling overwhelmed  and wish I could run away like the mockingbird.  Today was one such day.  I went to church but it didn't take long with sitting on the chairs there for my back pain to get to the point where tears were hard to hold back.  On top of that my arm hurt from a trapped ulnar nerve (funny bone).  Plus a migraine started complete with nausea because when I cry I quite often end up with a migraine, a case of injury on top of injury.  A totally crawl in a hole and pull the hole in after kind of day.  What saved the day was the love shown to me by my brothers and sisters in the gospel.  Chairs were offered and vacated or brought to me; many offers of is there anything I can do?  those around me just seemed to know what a bad day I was having.  Comfort was given in the form of a blessing and three of our church leaders pulled me aside to talk with me and gave me advice and assurances of God's love for me.  A day of very mixed emotions.
Even though the edit on todays photo was done last night I think it really turned out to represent my day today.  With the distinct bird stretched out so plainly in the front and the crazy colors in the back that remind me of my migraine, I think it worked out real well to represent how I feel today.  ( It is the first time I've been able to combine layers on any of the programs that I've tried it on.  Yeah me.)
This little Mockingbird- Vulture parable does have a good ending; after several more attempts at dive bombing and sitting on a branch talking the Vulture did fly away, leaving the the Mockingbird triumphantly sitting in the tree.   I look at these picture now with hope for me and a reminder that it was little the Mockingbird won over great odds by persistance and courage.
I am going to print up the photo of the Vulture with the Mockingbird to put on my wall to remind me to keep up my courage, but first I'm going to find a good quote to go with it.  Suggestions for the quote would be appreciated.


Zuzana said...

This was a beautiful post filed with poignant metaphors. I am so sorry for your pain. I guess we all struggle with some kind of pain in our lives, whether it is physical or emotional.
I hope you will have a lovely Monday,

Anonymous said...

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