Monday, January 16, 2012

Growth of a photographer

Ready,set .....
Photography has given me many benefits.  I now see the beauty and wonder of the world through my camera lens.  This helps lift my spirits and has gotten me through some pretty tough times.  But it has also helped in my personal growth.
 Today between Physical therapy and two doctors appointments, I had some time to spend so I went to the local city park.  I intended to just take photos of the grounds, which I did, but while I was there I happened to see these two young men out on the Skateboard Park.
  When I first started taking photos, I took pictures around my house due to my shyness.  I learned to overcome that shyness and started to take photos in the nieghborhood.  I graduated from that to taking pictures from my car.  Then on to taking photos in the city and in stangers yards.  I started meeting and talking to total strangers and I found this delightful.  However I had not introduced myself as a photographer until today.
  Today when I saw these young men, I saw an oppurtunity to practice some action shots.  So I introduced myself (something I had not done before) and asked if they minded if I practiced my Photography skills on them.  They were delighted.
  After I was finished I gave them one of my info cards and told them about my blog.  They were excited about being included on my blog and having thier skateboarding on the web.  I hope they do indeed check out my blog and maybe leave a comment.
Photography has changed my life: enriching it in so many ways.   I have grown in many ways not just in skills, but on a very personal level.  I  am expanding my world and enjoying life on an entirely different level. And just like I have learned to see the beauty in the world I photograph, I now see myself in new ways .  


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Great action shots! Clearly photography has been a life journey path for you, not just a hobby.

Karen S. said...

Hooray! I'm happy for you, and can so relate! Just getting out there makes us so much smarter in life! Especially the random people and things we encounter...your last comment reminds me of someone when they say they are a writer, but feel to comfortable about saying it so they whisper it...I AM A WRITER! I AM A PERSON! WHO LOVES PICTURE TAKING! ha ha, now I feel great too!!! Have fun out there with your camera and the things that you happen makes the world so sunny!

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Thank so much Debra and Karen- yes this has been a life changer for me- one I'd like to see for everyone to find something in their lives that changes them for good- brings joy into their lives

Gilly said...

Great action! I think the third photos really gives a sense of speed and the balance of the young man.

Good luck with all your photographic journeys!

Bob Scotney said...

With a camera at your side it's possible to write and use your photographic skills. Which prompts which is not easy to decide.
These action shots show your ability; keep up the good work.

Alexia said...

You are obviously very talented - these shots are great. Well done; the third in particular is a super capture.

Max Sartin said...

Great movement pictures. And congrats on the courage to get them. i still rely on a strong telephoto lens.

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Gilly, Bob, Alexia, Max,
Thanks so much for your comments- It's kind words like that rthat keep me blogging
BTW Max I can't use a telephoto lens as I only have a bridge camera- no DSLR here, not yet anyway. Hope springs eternal

Christoph said...

I really like that capture of the skateboarder jumping on the pyramid. Great shot Johnina. Skateboarding is one of those difficult sports to photograph, and you surely did a good job.

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