Sunday, March 6, 2011

Signs of spring- mating calls

Many of my spring pictures look peaceful and quiet.  But this is only an illusion because I mostly just take photos of flowers.  The reality of my early mornings are that they are very noisy.  We have many kinds of birds in our yard and the nearby woods, bluebirds, robins, sparrows, cardinals, mockingbirds, crows, blackbirds, vultures, hawks, geese and we used to have whip-o-wills and bob whites.  All in all they add up to a lot of noise especially this time of year as they start their mating calls.  We also have an animal rehab place nearby and shortly we will hear the lions with their mating calls.
All my spring photos have been taken within a couple of days of posting.  These were taken yesterday.


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Kerri said...

What a GORGEOUS Brown Thrasher!! I actually LOVE to hear their calls!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shot with this beak open! SUPERB!