Saturday, September 1, 2012

Once in a blue moon

Blue Moon Aug 2012
Since I have not posted in a while I thought having a blue moon was a perfect time to get back in the groove of blogging again.  The saying 'Once in a blue moon' came about because of the rarity of blue moons and my blogging had indeed become a rarity.  However my life is getting a little more settled and predictable so back to blogging I come.
I researched what a blue moon is; which is two full moons in a month and they are indeed rare. The next one is July 2015.  I also found a really cool website on all things moon, where whatever you want to know can probably be found. Click here here where a photo  moon phases calendar for Sept can be found.
I experimented with my camera settings (shutter speed and aperture) and my preset settings and my zoom feature and came up with some very distinctly different photos.
Blue moon Aug 2012
Although The first photo is not the best technically, I like it best.  I was actually kind of impressed with my second photo, it was the clearest moon photo that I've been able to accomplish in a long time.  My last photo is even clearer but not as artistically rendered. Sigh.
Blue Moon Aug 2012
 Hope you enjoy
☺☺☺Johnina ☺☺☺


Max Sartin said...

They're all great pictures, but I agree with you, that first one is amazing. The light from the moon, the clouds and the dark trees in the foreground, terrific composition!

Karen S. said...

I am completely jealous! The other night, while out with my dogs, I just had to run back inside for my camera to catch the perfect evening full moon. As I was leaving with camera in hand a friend calls (not a text!) so we chat for a short bit, on my return the cloud cover was just annoying! I waited, and waited, every now and then hoping this will be it. It never was....your first awesome capture is just wonderful!