Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Every year my family works on my front flower garden, rearranging plants, planting annuals and generally setting up my garden for a new year of beauty.  This tradition has brought me years of joy as every time I go out and come back home; I am greeted by beauty that my family has created for me.

I have been missing from the web for several months now due at first from problems with our Internet provider, which took several months to even get them to realize that we really did have a problem.  They kept telling us every thing was fine.  We kept after them and finally got a tech who found a problem, fixed it, sort of, but we continued to have various problems.  After being a squeaky wheel for weeks on end and several different techs later we now have a temporary fix.  The Internet is now fairly stable, but it is still on a temporary basis. (Roll of eyes)

Anyway I decided to come back to the web today despite the temporary nature of our fix to share with you the beauty that greets me as I return home.
Hopefully this will be a good welcome back to the web as I greet you with the beauty that greets me daily and continue to share with you the beauty which part of my life.



Anns Art said...

Aye there! so nice to see you back:)
What a lucky lady you are having your family fix up your garden each year like this, and what a grand job they make of it too. Hope the internet stays with you. good wishes to you.....ann.

Elena said...

What a beautiful and memories. Love that church in the previous post too. Welcome back.