Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm back- sort of...

A little off balance
Even though I have been home from the hospital for a while now; I am still feeling like the shed in this photo.  While the photo and world is straight, I am like the shed- off balance and a little worse for wear, but there is new growth in spite of all difficulties.
After all the tests and several days in the hospital the doctors (I saw 4 different doctors while I was there) decided that I had a virus.  I was reminded by multiple heath professionals and not just the doctors, that viruses can make you every bit as sick as a bacterial infection and there is less that can be done medically for you.  All they can do is lessen the symptoms and give your body the support it needs to survive it.
This is what they did, but due to my multiple heath problems this was quite the balancing act.  My recuperation also turned out to also be quite the ordeal, maybe worse than the virus itself.  I have Addisons which means I do not make the hormones that help one's body cope with stress or the hormones that help one recover from stress.  Even though I was over the virus and at home I continued to deteriorate.  I got so weak at one point that walking the few steps from my recliner to the DVD's and the player was not going to happen.  My body forced me to rest and do nothing but take care of myself.
I very much missed the fellowship I get on web and most other things, too.  My art, reading, cooking, gardening just about everything took a backseat to just plain resting and recovering.
HOWEVER, I am now starting to gain strenght instead of lose it and am working myself back into life again.  Carmi put up a quote on his blog a couple of weeks ago that is especially applicable to me now and my husband also found it and printed it up for me.  Apparently I really needed to hear it and be reminded of it. It goes like this
"Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow."
Mary Anne Radmacher
While some days this was about all I could do, as I am getting better I am going to try to start posting again even if it is just to show you the beauty of my life with my photos.



Debra She Who Seeks said...

Glad you're on the road to recovery! I hope you feel a little stronger each day. Take it easy!

Ann's Art said...

Glad you're back! matter whether we have viruses or whatever, ill is ill:( and it sounds like you are on the right side of it.
"Keep strong and chin up"...quote: ann's art. - and if that has made you smile it's a bit of medicine your way.

Karen S. said...

So happy to see you back again...and that shed is actually quite charming to me...I think it's the brush it sits inside of too....Carmi's caught is great, and one we should have handy to read until we remember word for word! So happy you are on the road to recovery! Things sometimes happen for a reason, we may not always know why...but we get through it all! Take care see you back here soon!