Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas lights- Just having fun

Just having fun with Christmas lights

Yesterday I had to pick up Tom from work (we are still down to one car for the two of us) and after running errands and starting physical therapy, I was exhausted.  I was also sitting in the car bored and waiting; but I had my camera soooo.. I tried to take pictures of the Christmas lights around the houses across the street.  Unfortunately due to the fact that it was dark outside in order to take photos the shutter speed has to be slow which makes it hard to focus and hold the camera still enough, long enough to get a crisp photo. See photo to the left.  Since I was so tired I did not bring a tripod (I was simply to tired to mess with it) I decided to just have some fun with the lights by purposely moving my camera.  The collage at the top of this post is a collection of the abstract photos I got.  All the editing I did was to crop the pictures and then make a collage.  They are kind of strange, but I think they are kind of cool and best of all they were fun to do at a time when I need a little fun in my life.



Lolit C said...

Ohhh... the lights are lovely. it's really fun to paint with lights. It's sad that google removed the Buzz feature... so the more I dont get the latest activity on Blogger. Nice to see you blogs Johnina :)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

It creates a fun effect!