Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Morning Glories

Thomas Fuller quotes (British Clergyman and Writer, one of the most prolific authors of the 17th century. 1608-1661)

Sometimes there is a fine line between flowers and weeds and sometimes it is hard to tell the difference.  Some of my herb plants look like weeds but they are wonderful smelling and tasting and add so much pleasure to the other senses.  Some weeds are beautiful and add vibrance to the landscape, but choke out the useful plants.
Even though these Morning Glories are really pretty flowers they are none the less a weed here in Georgia.  They are so invasive that they will choke out all other plants, useful or not.
As you can see from this photo of my veggie garden the Morning Glories have indeed taken over.  This picture is simply the same picture as the one at the beginning of this post just taken from a different angle where the weediest shows.
I was just going to post the top photo with a short quote on flowers and weeds, but in seeing these two pictures and remembering why I started this blog in the first place I expanded this post to use my photos as a way to show about my survival of all the things that I have been through, both the abuse of my younger years and the struggles with health problems of my more recent years.  As a way of expressing what it means to me, what I've learned and how I've learned to see the beauty in spite of the struggles.
Growing up in my household meant living with the unwritten rule of 'Make it look good to the world'.  Much like the  top photo only the good was to be seen.  It was incredibly hard work and those who knew me as a child never knew of the abuse that went on behind closed doors and most still don't know unless they read this post of course.
Then there is the second picture that was just taken from a different angle that shows how this beautiful covering is in reality strangling and taking over the garden.  That beautiful covering that masked the problems and kept me from growing, being productive and getting the sunshine, the help, I so desperately needed.
In spite of the struggles I have learned to see the beauty of the things that I learned, the strength that I have gained and the gratitude for being alive.
Since I got a late start on my garden; I have planted some Morning Glories on purpose in my front garden because they are pretty and fast growing and will cover my trellis quickly.  I was cautious when I planted them, planting them in a pot and setting it on plastic.  I have indeed conquered the weed; tamed it using what I have learned and am enjoying the beauty that it can provide.
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Shabbby and Frills said...

So BEAUTIFUL. Morning Glory is my favorite of the Vines. There are only weeds if you want them to be.

Jo said...

What a beautiful post, and what a beautiful weed...! I have always loved morning glories, and I guess like anything, it can be tamed.

I like your blog. I will be back to visit.



Zuzana said...

Wow,stunning flowers, stunning colour and photography. I too at times feel that weed can be just a beuatiful as cultivated plants.;))

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Good analogy for the difference between how things "look to the world" and how they "really are."

Kalei's Best Friend said...

that last one is to die for!. this would go well w/Carmi's theme this week!.

Ann's Art said...

OMG! What beautiful colours.

Carol said...

Those Morning Glories are so stunning!! I love the intense blue :)

Bob Scotney said...

I'd settle for some of your glorious weeds in my garden in England. Great colours and that last close-up is soperb.

Lima said...

I'm in love with the last photo! Love that blu-ish purple and the drops on the petals <3 very nice photo!

-Lima from swap-bot, for "Check out my blog" swap.