Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sunrise after the rain

Good morning!!!

Although this was taken several days ago and I am just now getting around to downloading it; we get a lot of sunrises here that look like this.   In Tennessee, in the summer we get a lot of rainy nights followed by breaking clouds in the morning.  This makes for beautiful sunrises.  Every time I see these beautiful sunrises, I am reminded that in order to have that kind of beauty you need both the clouds and the sun.  In our lives we often want only the sun, the bright, cheerful times but to have the beautiful colors of the sunrise you need the clouds,the darker more somber times, with the bright shining through and reflecting off of the dark.

Now this is completely off that subject but, I've been thinking that since I love blogging so much that I would like to introduce you to some of my favorite blogs and websites.  I've already introduced you to Written Inc and today I am going to introduce you to  I met Max and started following his blog through writteninc. and found his posts delightful.  He is a school teacher who lives in Utah.  He is a dedicated teacher whose posts and photos I enjoy.  He quite often posts about his students and his somewhat creative teaching style. When I read his blog I can tell that he loves his students and the profession he has chosen.  I enjoy these but what I like most about his blog is his capture of the flavor of living in Utah.  He shows his love for Utah and it's people in his blog using lot of wonderful photos.  I've lived in Utah a couple of times in my life and miss the uniqueness of living there from the mountains to the people.  Last week he did 3 posts on living in Utah and these made me rather nostalgic.  Sigh and sigh again. 
 I've been thinking about doing this once a week.  I am very visual and can't seem to do a post without pictures and since I have no idea how to get illustrations that are appropriate for the blogs I review; I think I will be doing some of my photos, a couple of thoughts that they invoke in me, then a review.  Even though I do a blog and edit photos it doesn't mean I am tech savvy and so until someone rescues me.....
Hope you



Max Sartin said...

**Blush**, thanks for the terrific review!

I love taking sunrise (when I get up early enough) and sunset pictures. And from your pictures, it looks like it was a beautiful morning.

And thanks again, glad you enjoy my posts.

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Max You are quite welcome