Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Morning fun

Fun Sunrise

We've had lots of nice to spectacular sunrises lately so this morning with it's nice sunrise I decided to play with my camera features.  This is the fisheye feature.  Since I have a bridge camera not a DSLR and am unable to change lens this is only an effect that is built into the camera.  It's kind of fun.

View from the other side

One of the things I have noticed more this winter is the wonderful shadows and light patterns that are present with the sun low on the horizon.  This was taken this morning facing west as the sky in the east was losing color.  I think this is just as pretty a skyscape as the sunrises.



Karen S. said...

What a lovely morning you had to shoot! Ours was a bit different. We woke up to fog, that grew much thicker, but the temps have been unbelievable...actually went out during lunch with no coat! You do wonders with your camera! I don't really know that much about the hardware of them, I just like shooting them!

Mother Moon said...

simply gorgeous photo...

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Karen, Mother Moon-
Thanks for the comments
Yes with cloudy mornings we get nice sunrises but mostly all we get is clouds we really need some rain- our temps have been great here too- we've even had to run the air during the day