Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hooray ! Hooray!

It's time to 
HOORAY  Emily just got accepted to graduate school for next year.  HOORAY
-and a great big sigh of relief for all concerned.  She will still be at Brigham Young University were she is familiar with the professors even friends with some which will make settling in easier.  But even better she is going to be a teaching assistant, which pays her tuition and a stipend.  Hooray no more worrying about how she was going to pay tuition.  She has been pretty well paying for her own tuition through her jobs and loans and grants, but it was taking about 2/3 of her income.  Even though the stipend is not much, it is about what  she makes now but without tuition coming out she's going to think she's rich.  It's amazing how perception can change cuz she's still pretty much on the poor side.

Emily has always been a delightful child, but one with a very determined streak as seen in the family photo way below.
This silly little girl always had high goals.  When she was in second grade for Martin Luther King day their class did a presentation call 'I Have a Dream'  Most of the kids said they wanted to grow up to be baseball or football players or a beautician like their mom or something like that.  And then there was this tall, skinny, buck-toothed child in the back row, my Emily, one of the last to go up to tell of her dream of what she wanted to be as an adult, and she says 'I want to be the first woman President of the United States'.  Where the other kids got clapping from the crowd; she got a standing ovation.
She still works hard to make her dreams come true, She won't be walking with her class at graduation for her BA, because she will be in Arizona presenting a presentation on Jane Austen at a professional conference.  When she finishes there she is part of a research team that has a grant to do research in England.  One of her BIG TIME dreams has been to visit England.  Then she gets to teach college age students, yet another dream.
This is the only picture we have of the whole family.even though right now Emily is getting the attention and Benn will be getting married in Apr so he'll be getting a lot of attention at that time; I am very proud of all my children even if they do not currently have a milestone to celebrate or ever have one. 
My oldest son, Jonathan was never cut out for college and not everybody is, so he went into construction and even though the construction business is bad now; he does not whine and live off unemployment and welfare; he gets out there and takes whatever job he can find to support himself and his family.  Good job. 
My eldest daughter, Sarah has built herself a thriving Internet doll business. She is very artistically talented and designs her dolls and their outfits  She has worked at it diligently for several years now all the time being there for her three little ones (not real little anymore) and they are delightful children.  She also did a good job of picking out a husband who loves and supports her. Kudos to her.
My middle son, Benn has a masters degree in accounting, a good steady job, served a two year mission for the church, and is getting married in Apr to a beautiful delightful young women who I enjoy being with.
My middle daughter, Laura has always been a free spirit and incredibly talented both musically (she has played at least 4 different instruments) and has a beautiful signing voice.  She is also very artistically talented.  When her boys were born and diagnosed with autism she tamed her wild free spirit and works hard to see that they have every advantage available to a child with autism.  Her children's teachers are very impressed with her efforts and the boys progress.  When she visited last summer, her oldest was very shy but would sit on grandpa's lap, but he covered his eyes.  At Christmas we had visitors (strangers to him) show up at about the same time he did and he walked right up to them and started talking to them.  Astounding changes.  I am so proud of all the research and work she does with her boys.  She's bettering another generation.
Next is Emily.
Than there is my youngest son, Jeremy.  He did exceptionally well in high school, but found that college was just not for him.  He has been working while he tried to figure out what he wanted to do. Went to trade school only to find a lack of jobs in that field.  He is about to start with computer training which I think will be a perfect match for him.  I am very proud that he has continued to work as he has tried to figure out what direction he wants to take in life and I see signs of his growing maturity all the time.  He is an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America (that was quite the celebration) and is currently volunteering with the scouting program.
As you can see I have much to be proud of in my children.  They are all unique with their own special talents and personalities and it has been a delight and a privilege to watch them grow into the wonderful adults that they have become.
Everyone !!
Johnina ☺☺☺☺☺ 


Debra She Who Seeks said...

What a great family you have! And special congrats to Emily!

Serena said...

A beautiful family with many talents. Congratulations to Emily!