Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Serendipity from pain

Tonight was a terrible night for pain.  It had been getting very much better, but not tonight, I was just kind of drifting for a little while after taking my pain breakthrough medicine, but then my knee and leg got to hurting so bad I got up to go find some kind of distraction.  To my delight PBS had a Wayne Dyer special on "The Power of Intention one of his books and seminars.  I am a great fan of his and have found that his books contain great wisdom.  This special was a great reminder of how self centered I have become with the pain I am in.  Granted I have had to have a lot of help, which couldn't be helped but I also have not been showing appreciation like I should.  I have developed many kind and wonderful friends on the Internet, some of whom check my blog every day.  I should have been leaving messages letting them know how I am doing.  It doesn't have to take much and it is something that I feel real guilty about when I check my sites and find I've been missed and I have not taken any time to let others know I miss them too.  Wayne Dyer is really big on intentions, as you think then act, you will receive in kind.  If you want abundance you have to think in terms of gratitude.  He went through several mindsets for getting what you want in life. Kindness which I have received but not given back very well lately. Finding beauty everywhere from the well dressed to the homeless, From flowers and butterflies to roaches and spiders, there is beauty everywhere and I have tried to capture that with my camera.  He talked about how we all have a mission in life and I think my camera and my effort to capture the beauty around me and sharing it is part of my mission which is probably one of the reasons his special hit me so hard, it's time to get back to that part of my mission and to get back to my wonderful friends.  Below is some of the beauty that I have capture with my camera lens over the last week or so.


Twain12 said...

gorgeous pictures and a great lesson ...i hope your pain lessens soon ♥

Debra She Who Seeks said...

That middle photo is an amazing close-up of that *shudder* spider!