Thursday, September 3, 2009

They do grow up

This being my first post I thought I would let everyone know a little bit about my family, after all my family has contributed a lot to who I am.

Hopefully I have contributed to who they are. This is the only picture we have with all six kids, Tom (my husband for over 30 years) and myself. The baby in my arms (Jeremy) was two weeks old when the picture was taken is now twenty and six foot two inches. He is an Eagle Scout and this fall he starts training to be an EMT. Emily the little girl in red is now a senior in college. (We accept donations) She is studying English lit. and with helping a professor she has her name on her first published paper. Laura is a beautician is married with two little boys, two years and two months. Benn, my middle son, served a two year mission for our church in Brazil. He now is a CPA and working in Atlanta. Sarah, my oldest girl, is married with three kids: boy, girl, boy. She has built her own internet business so she could work at home and be with her kids. Jonathan, our oldest is married and has four kids. He works construction in Arizona and for fun he does sword fighting at Renaissance faires. Tom works for the FAA.

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